How To Decompile The Android APK File To A JAR File Using DEX2JAR And JD-GUI In Your Windows Machine

  • Download the dex2jar zip file from and extract it after completion of the downloading.
  • Open the extracted dex2jar zip file and access the command prompt from the same path.
  • Copy your apk file to extracted dex2jar zip folder.
  • Type d2j-dex2jar “test.apk” (Instead of test.apk type your apk file name) in the command prompt and press enter.
  • Once after completion dex2jar (apk file).
  • Download JD-GUI from
  • Open the JD-GUI and drag the dex2jar (apk file) into JD-GUI.

You’re done.

So, We have decompiled the android APK file to a JAR file using DEX2JAR and JD-GUI.

Happy Hacking!



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